Donja Pitsch

Born of German/Indian parentage I spent my childhood in Germany. After finishing high school, I opted to study graphic-arts and made it my career ; yet a trip to early 90's London was to change all that! A full year later and several years the wiser a growing interest in fashion drew me from London to Paris; it has been my home ever since.

Modelling was to be my entry ticket through the turnstile of Paris-fashion and then on to spend seven years as a photo-shoot stylist. But in truth it was behind the camera where I always wanted to be and where, thankfully, I am today.

The importance I place on the emotion and character of each person I photograph has become the centre point of my work and much of my inspiration comes from travelling... and I do plenty of that! It is through the illusion of movement in my work that I tell the story of a moment ; a sort of snap-shot cinema ; and who knows where my passion for movies will lead me one day!

My commercial and editorial clients are both French and international and these are some of the people I have the pleasure of working with :
Marie-Claire, Madame Figaro, itl ELLE, Cosmoplitan, DIM, Galerie Lafayette, Eric Bompard ,Etam, Monsoon, Triumph, Wempe , OUI ...

Also, I’ve had much fun being involved in personal projects, such as“La Fidelity”, a feature film directed by Andrzej Zulawski. Sophie Marceau’s roll in the film was that of an art photographer and what was shown as her work was in fact mine. Later, an exhibition of those photo's was held at Galerie Piltzer see also

There was a four week global world trip for the German designer “Eva Gronbach” during which I portraited local inhabitants across 5 continents modelling her clothing. The results was shown at the Galerie Hussenot, 5-bis rue des Haudriettes, 75003 Paris.

The “common woman artist” exhibition, inspired by the designer Carlo Ponti and shown at the Gallery Valerie Cueto was also very special.

I hope you enjoy this brief introduction to me and to my work, and do please get in touch if you’d like to.


Donja Pitsch